Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

We will be taking orders for Valentine’s bouquets beginning February 3rd through February 10th. Only the most beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage will be selected for your loved ones! The color palette will include white, purple, red, pink, and green for each bouquet. Roses, anemones, ranunculus, tulips, hyacinth, and carnations are just a few of the flowers that will be included in your bouquets.

Each bouquet will be wrapped in recyclable paper (please reference the images above) and are ready to be placed directly in a vase upon your arrival home!

Bouquets will be priced at $50 each, and orders will be confirmed via email only after we have received your payment via PayPal or Venmo.

Orders can be picked up at East Cobb Park in Marietta from 8am-10am and 3pm-5pm on Sunday, February 14th. You will be sent a confirmation email with more details regarding order pick-up following the receipt of your payment.

~Please note that each arrangement is custom designed and the above images are for your reference. All bouquets are made at the designer’s discretion and unfortunately we cannot accommodate any specifications to your order in regards to color selection and flower varieties.~

Please send all orders via PayPal or Venmo to Madison Jeanne Design.

A floral design studio serving the Greater Atlanta Area, specializing in wedding & event flowers.

Moved by the ethereal beauty found in local flora and fauna, I aspire to emulate the simple balance and captivating allure of the natural world in every design.

About the Designer: Madison Puch

Hello friends! Thank you so much for coming to visit!

First off, let me go ahead and say: my deepest desire is to share my love and appreciation for flowers. I find myself craving the beauty of nature in every aspect of my life, so I decided to channel that desire into my profession.

I have always been a bit of a plant nerd, which is most likely a symptom of growing up in the Florida outdoors. Watching little and inconspicuous seeds grow into beautiful plants is its own miracle, so how could I not be inspired?!

My love for nature began to blossom into a desire to share the joy and beauty of flowers with others. My Grandma Jeanne and her love of flowers & gardening will always be close to my heart, as she is the one who first shared the joy of flowers with me.  

I believe the best product is the one that is close by. Local flowers have less of an impact on the environment, with the added bonus of being fresher and longer-lasting. Flowers & plants grown with organic & sustainable practices benefit us all, especially our local wildlife. I am committed to doing all I can to lessen the impact my business has on the environment.

Out of respect for our planet, as many flowers and plants as possible are sourced from my own garden, local growers, and small businesses in the Atlanta area who use eco-friendly practices. 

We serve the Greater Atlanta Area.